Friday, January 27, 2012

Pressed to Prepare

The rush is on. There is a calm before the storm that is the beginning of LSTC, but in my world, I am trying to make sure I know where I’m supposed to go, if I have my books, figure out which GIF credit to register for, and complete other death-defying acts such as taking out the garbage or cleaning out the fridge. I feel like my next couple of days will be like a run-on sentence, what looks like a period of conclusion turns into a comma which introduces a sub-thought or something else to add on to the main points in the beginning of the next semester.
I have been spoiled with J-term. I had such a nice time having a couple of weeks off at Christmas, one intensive week of class, and then another couple of weeks off. Now I have to get back in the habit of classwork all over again!
Although it does feel intimidating, I welcome this new semester. It’s another time to build relationships with my friends, grow in my theological understanding, and really enjoy Hyde Park. When I put it that way, things really don’t feel as hectic as I thought they were. At any rate I am happy to finally be back around LSTC-land (with or without snow). I know that sometimes when I get in a mindset to “just go go go” I find it helpful to remind myself that I am so pressed to prepare myself because I care about these things. I wouldn’t want to be anyplace else because I am in a place that cares about these things too.
And so I wish all of my classmates a blessed start to this next semester!
Until Next Friday!

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