Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Creation Ascending

Winter has definitely now descended upon, tangling our everyday lives even with the beauty in the rarity of crystals and ice, and the endless snow that sometimes seems to capture our attention.

Four times within a year, I look forwards to the Board Meetings at my camp, LOMC in Oregon, IL because in those moments that I am able to wander freely around camp and listen to the softness contained hidden in the inviting winds I feel as if it is a homecoming. With the mini storm that descended upon us, many parts of the camp are inaccessible for walking to say the least because the snow takes up residence and can be quite the demanding guest. I only then, can imagine what my Valley as I lovingly call it looks drenched in pristine white only to be disturbed by the deer who have the privilege to be present.

I came across this picture on our PC as I was thinking of inspiration to write this week. For me this is Creation Ascending, the inviting staircase to wonders to behold and joy that falls preciously in the sun showers. It is a reminder of the hope that remains and waits for us to climb, walking into the ethereal light of God.

Lape Bondye, God's Peace.

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