Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last First Day

This is my last first week of school. The last time I’ll wait eagerly for all of those books to come arriving from Amazon (and bemoan how the ones I need for this week will inevitably all be late). The last time I’ll pour over syllabuses. The last time I’ll trudge over to the UC to renew my gym membership (seminarians get a great discount). It is a strange, bittersweet, start to a semester.

I have loved my time at LSTC. I have loved being a part of a seminary community that truly cares for me. Faculty who challenge me and want me to succeed. Inspiring worship. New ideas. Classmates who fill me with hope and joy for the future of the church. But as grateful as I am for my time here, as the end of my seminary career comes to a close, I find I am even more excited for what lies ahead. I am excited to get out and do ministry, to enter into the office to which I have been called and for which I have been trained. The next four months will fly by. I plan to enjoy every minute of it. To relish in every joyful, student loan sponsored minute of my last semester of seminary. And then to leave this place knowing that an even greater adventure lies ahead. Spring semester, 2012, here we go.

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  1. Blessings, Kjersten, for you and all as this semester begins!