Saturday, July 9, 2011

Support Structure

As I was griping about the upcoming loss of my wonderful support system here, my counselor (being so wonderful) reframed it. She said that this support structure will not disappear. It will remain. And I will return to another support structure in Chicago. And when I begin my first call, I will develop a new support structure. These structures do not crumble. They are merely supportive in another way when I am no longer here.

I am not losing my support structure, I have simply gained more support. When I need it, I can turn to it. But I also trust that wherever I go, God will provide all the support I need. Looking back on every time I have moved, the people I needed have been there. Without fail. And as hard as that makes it to leave one place, there is a calm assurance that I will have support and love and care and prayer wherever I go.

Thanks be to God...

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