Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pastoral Blues

Sometimes, late on a Saturday night (or really, at any random moment in the week), there is a sense or a feeling of, "I don't want to do this pastor thing!" There's the exhaustion of dealing with a printer that doesn't print, a life crisis in someone's life, and all the little things that go into being a pastor 24/7.
I tried composing a list of all the random hats I've worn as an intern pastor this year. There's barista, copy technician, writer, plumber, accountant, babysitter, nurse, emcee, chef...

So when Saturday night rolls around and I am weary one, a Sunday off sounds really nice.

But then I catch the first glimpse of a parishioner coming in on Sunday morning, and the sun is still creeping up, and the coffee is brewing.... And for whatever reason, that seems to be the cure the "pastoral blues" that accumulate without reason.

Which makes sense. Because it's the people that make ministry worth it in the end. A gathering of the children of God. And tomorrow, we get to celebrate four new members joining us. Worthy of celebration, right? Just have to get through the Saturday pastoral blues first...

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