Sunday, August 11, 2013

End of CPE

Getting a Tour of Mayo's Heli-Pad
Twelve weeks goes by so fast, and my summer in Rochester MN at Mayo Clinic and Hospital is done; I am moved home and get to spend a couple weeks at home before I head back to campus and begin my second year of studies.

  CPE, Clinical Pastoral Education, was quite an experience, particularly in the vast organization called Mayo Clinic & Hospitals.  We had extensive orientation and numerous didactics.  Near the end of our time, we were able to tour the heli-pad, which was an amazing experience.

  Our group was diverse in denomination, age, and marital status.  Since we had diversity within our group, we gathered a couple times and did the totally geek seminarian thing- we talked theology!  We gathered at Newt's North, and had some great discussions!
2013 Summer Interns - Theologizing

CPE, chaplaincy in a hospital, pastoral care; what is it?  What did I learn?  If a person welcomed me into their room as the chaplain, I truly felt we were on holy ground.  I don't say that lightly because I have taken a few years to accept and use the word holy, and I truly believe that God is present in all aspects of our lives.  When a patient welcomes me into their room, shares their vulnerability with me, and sometimes their raw emotions with me how can I feel anything but humbled?  How can I feel anything but a knowledge of God's presence in the place?  Holy Ground because of what is being shared in the presence of God.

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