Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mid-Unit; Mid-Summer; 4th of July

This week in CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education), we present our mid-unit progress.  We share with the group where we are at on each of our goals, and we evaluate our peers and our supervisor.  We really start looking at group systems which helps us when we encounter the inevitable church council and ministry teams.  How do people work together, what role does each person take on, consciously or unconsciously.

Mid-summer- already?!?!?  One of my last summers since next year I will be heading to or already on internship.  I continue to be astounded at how quickly this has all gone.  Even though I ignored God's nudges for the last 10+ years, now that I am in the midst of doing what God wants me to do, a part of me wants it to simply slow down.  And the reality is, this summer I am able to do that.  Where I am staying in Rochester, I have the privilege to stay in a home.  Yes, a true home where I am cared for, served, and am part of the family.  And because of this, I am able to take a chance and slow down.  Yesterday I did some baking, a cheesecake and two batches of scones.  Later this week I am getting a massage, and each week I am able to take time to simply be.  Be present with God, in the midst of God's beauty.  And Scott comes to see me so that we keep in touch via SKYPE, but also I am 'relieved' of the driving headache this summer while he drives from Madison and we spend a mini-vacation in a hotel, catch up, tour Rochester, and spend time with friends.

Fourth of July- fireworks oh my!  Unfortunately this year I will  not be able to be part of the Columbus WI fireworks crew since I am in Rochester, and I will be oncall on Friday night.  I will hit at least one fireworks show while in Rochester, so I will sort of get my pyro fix attended to.

Last week I preached on Galatians 3:23-29.  In a couple weeks I am preaching on the Good Samaritan.  I am thinking I will start off with a story of Fr. Damien who worked in Hawaii with people who were quarantined
One of the churches built by Fr. Damien on the island of Molokai 

because of Hansen's Disease.  I am still working on the art of tying a particular text to people who are in the hospital and making it relevant.  What a true privilege it is to speak to people about the Good News we have in the Gospel, and what a greater privilege it is to walk with people as they journey through life, living out the Gospel.

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