Sunday, March 10, 2013

Leadership & Holy Spirit

2013 Leadership Conference
Tonight starts LSTC's annual Leadership conference, which is a great opportunity for alumni to gather, reconnect and engage in a great topic.  Of course, current students and community members may also take part, and I look forward to this year's event as I am pursuing an interfaith emphasis in my M.Div studies. 

LSTC's Leadership conference is yearly in the spring, amongst Lent, First year students researching MIC (Ministry In Context) sites, Second Year students interviewing for internship sites, and Senior students awaiting their synodical assignments.  As a first year student, I am currently researching MIC sites, which are churches where we spend 7 hours a week for two semesters in our second year of studies.  Since I am a commuter student, I am restricting to Madison, WI and have already identified various sites.  When I am in Chicago for the weekend, I go with classmates as they research various sites.  And I am grateful for these various visits for I believe we all tend to get stuck or comfortable in a particular style of worship, and I know I personally like to be greeted each Sunday morning by people I know.  But as I visit different ELCA churches, I find nuances and differences within each community which is a reflection of the vast richness of God's community.   Whether the preacher memorizes the gospel text, you sing bluesy well known spirituals, listen to a full choir sing an anthem in Latin or cross the aisle as you share God's peace, any where you go Sunday mornings you will see God's abundant creation and beauty.

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