Sunday, March 3, 2013

And to the Ends of the Earth

Seminary's winding down for us seniors, and many of us are starting to get an idea as to where we're going to be headed after graduation.  Last week, a good number of us received our regional assignments.  We'd given our preferences back in December, and we gathered in the chapel to find out which regions chose us.  If it felt like the NFL draft, I'm thinking it's because it was a lot like it.  After a short prayer service, we were each handed an envelope, and with bated breath, we opened to see what the Holy Spirit had in store for us.

Some of us found out we'd be going where we'd hoped to go.  A few of us were caught of guard.  Either way, that night we all had a better vision of what our lives will be like once we leave this place and begin our careers as pastors in the Church.

This is where some of us are being sent.
This week, we've been hearing, one-by-one, about which syonds in those regions we'll be going to, narrowing down the vision of the future even further.  It's exciting, and also slightly frightening.  As one of my friends said, "Some big questions have just been answered, but now there are new ones."  I think the majority of us, though, feel extremely confident in what we've learned at LSTC, as we've grown through the Spirit into our identities as pastors, leaders, and care-givers for God's people in this world.

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