Tuesday, February 12, 2013

For real?!

Time flies when your having fun (source)
Recently an email was sent to all LSTC students by our candidacy coordinator informing the seniors that their assignment was coming up and that if any changes needed to be made to their paperwork to let him know.

I know that current seniors are all anxious about this but my thoughts were "oh sh**!  That's in 12 months for me."  Which was quickly followed by "Wait a minute...I've only got 6 months of my internship left."

These moments of panic are running around most of my class right now as we realize that we are halfway done with internship.  Some of us are not looking forward to going back to school and others of us are ready to fast forward to August of this year.  I'm somewhere in between...I love my church and I love everything I'm learning and doing on internship but there are quite a few days where I long for a cappuccino from Z&H on 57th St. (though, really in general Denver's coffee is better than Chitown's) and some lasagna from Leona's.  But more than longing for Chicago or enjoying Denver I was hit with the reality of my future and how quickly it is coming.

Some of the best advice I ever got was from a friend of mine, Carrie, during my freshman year of High School when she was a senior.  She said "your freshman year is the longest year of your school".  I didn't believe her at the time, cause that year went pretty fast...but it's held true, even beyond high school.

But ultimately, living in the past, being anxious about the future, wishing I was somewhere else, or any other thing that keeps me away from living in the moment is unhelpful and keeps me away from being mindful of the present moment.  Being present and mindful of where I am at...contemplating God in the midst of my reality...is where I can find solace in the midst of all sorts of emotions.

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