Monday, February 18, 2013

Field Education

Ministry in Context; Contextual Learning; Field Education are all words to describe the next round of paperwork for seminary.  Last week we met with Dr. Terry Baeder and Marji Shannon, AiM to discuss the process for next year's Ministry in Context Class.  Short summary- we work in a congregation for 7 hours a week, for no pay and work with a site supervisor to get real life parish ministry experience.

I come from a large urban congregation with multiple pastors, so I want to experience a different setting, which won't be difficult, I know.  So Sunday morning Scott, my husband, and I made a visit to a different congregation in Madison, and followed worship with a discussion of what I call, "The Pros and Cons of This Place"

Scott & I at a wedding.
And during the discussion was education time for Scott, as to what MIC involves, what I will be doing each week and I do believe I saw the smallest glimmer of a smile cross his face when I mentioned that I would be home EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND!

While this summer's CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) is our first true field education experience, it will be such a different experience because that will be my focus.  I won't have to juggle classes like HEBREW and Systematic Theology while I travel home every weekend to be in a parish for preaching, teaching and leading.

As with each new adventure, I initially view it with great joy and enthusiasm.  But once the date draws near to start this new adventure, my apprehension grows and the joy fades into the sunset.  And, as I get older and experience more of these adventures I know this about myself, and have gotten to a point where I start to talk myself out of the apprehension and become reinvigorated again by the joy.

On that final note, I am off to work on a paper for Pastoral Care- a reflection paper on W. Paul Jones Theological Worlds.  Because being a good pastor and leader involves intense reflection and knowledge of self :)

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