Thursday, September 20, 2012

Some Thoughts From the Car

Today I have found myself thinking a lot.  Mostly because I drove for 3 hours and there’s not much else to do other than sing songs that the radio or my CD player may offer.  I’m thinking about songs that would be sweet for this year’s musical, thinking about how to write my statement of the Gospel in 50 words or less, thinking about possible future sermon topics, and thinking about the concept of my canon within the canon.  This mostly came up in light of the popularized fragment which may, kind of, somewhat, slightly, possibly, if we look really hard enough suggest that Jesus had a wife (or in any case a gunaika, Greek for “woman” as well as “wife”).

Somewhere in the midst of all of my thinking I came to the conclusion that I’m at the point in my seminary professional process where I need to start making some of my own definitions and look for some answers to give.   I’m coming to the realization that, while I am still very free to ask questions, it was weird to think that I will be asked questions about religion, theology, who Jesus is and what Jesus means, prayer, and all sorts of other subjects.   Granted, I’ve written my fair share of papers which have questions about these subjects within their prompts, but these questions will now be coming from a totally different community that I am not used to addressing.  Whether from confirmation students or candidacy committees, new questions will come my way and they won’t be on paper or allow me three hours to provide a written analysis.  For some reason, this really intimidates me.

I have had an excellent education.  I have had good friends and family members who have challenged and encouraged me.  I realize this is a process that does not end, but right now I wouldn't mind if things slowed down a little.  I guess this could be what some may call a “growing edge.”

Until Next Thursday!  

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