Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Fun

The Lutheran Book of Worship Occasional Services book offers helpful worship advice for a variety of situations. Check out pg. 260 for useful advice when you reach your next destination. Note: these tips are for educational purposes only. Please do not practice your new-found wisdom. :)

Page 260, in case you don’t have the LBW Occasional Services book handy, is Guidelines for Ringing Church Bells.

I spent the beginning of the week putting together a scavenger hunt for Confirmation Camp. The theme this year is parables, and I am responsible for the teaching portion for Luke 15, the parables of the lost and found. To help the kids grasp the idea of losing something and having to stay focused to find it, we’re going to “lose” my co-leader, and the kids will have to follow the clues to “find” him. He is already at camp, so I drew the job of putting the hunt together. It was great fun.

Each season of the church year has had a different focus and pace. Summer continues the trend. It has been no less busy, but a very different sort of busy, requiring much more of my creativity and inventiveness. Summer events are more laid back and casual, which I’ve learned takes much more planning and behind-the-scenes work than the more formal and formulaic programs of the academic year. But it’s fun. It’s fun to play with the congregation. To plan goofy activities and have folks open to go ahead with them. To take risks, because people are open for anything once the sun comes out. To play Bible Jeopardy with the seniors Bible study, wire the fellowship hall with surround sound for a Panda-based dance party, and teach nine upper elementary kids a song about a Hippopotamus. Here’s to summer.

By the way, the scavenger hunt clue should lead the kids to the camp’s emergency bell. Hoping nobody rings it…

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